Solomon – is visited by many foreign tourists because of the beauty of the beach that makes them relax, plus the blue sea water so it is fun for snorkeling and diving.

Reporting from Worldnomad, here are a series of surprising facts about Solomon Island that will surprise you.

Honiara Criminal City

Honiara is a city whose inhabitants always pass violent streets when protesting. There were many demonstrations that ended in chaos. In fact, many crimes target tourists.

Yachties Beware

Foreign tourists are warned to be careful when boarding yachts in Honiara harbor. Some reports say armed criminals stole valuables. This warning was conveyed directly by the Halomon government so that tourists can prevent unwanted events.

Local Ethics

You don’t need to do a lot of adaptations when visiting this island. However, trekking through desert or coastal trails close to Honiara can be costly.

For the dress code, women are advised to dress modestly, not violating customs and respecting local culture. Homosexual acts are prohibited here and can result in a prison sentence for those who violate them.

Wild Life

Ada sekira 50 orang terbunuh setiap tahun oleh buaya air asin di laut. Disarankan bagi turis untuk dipandu oleh pemandu ketika hendak memasuki perairan dan harus waspada pada hal apapun. Di kota Honiara, anjing-anjing tidak terkontrol, berkeliaran dengan bebas tanpa pengawasan. Para wisatawan diminta untuk berhati-hati.

Natural disasters

The tropical climate of Solomon Islands is in the Pacific ring of fire, which means it has volcanic activity that is more than 40 thousand kilometers long and as many as 90 percent of earthquakes can occur. History records, in April 2007 there was an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale and followed by a tsunami that hit these islands, killing approximately 20 people and destroying villages.

Cyclone natural disasters are also common. This disaster usually occurs from November to May. A hurricane that brings rain causes flooding. Many roads were damaged and bridges were washed away due to this disaster. Tourists are advised to seek information regarding weather forecasts before visiting the Solomon Islands.